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“Yea Baby”… I Got It Going On!

Update on the farmhouse utility room overhaul. I have gotten it cleaned out and ready to begin. I am now getting the measurements for the stock cabinets and the built-in broom closet. I am going to have to move an electrical […more…]

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Christmas Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

 It takes me a while to come down from the Christmas high. I don’t have anymore shopping to do, although I keep feeling like I need to be out there…amongst them shopping for what? It’s as if I am suffering […more…]

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Seed Starting for early spring flowers, herbs and vegetables

Don’t be intimidated by starting your own seedlings start with just a few tips and some easy varieties to begin with you will be just as hooked as the rest of us

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5 Great Gift Ideas for the gardener on your Christmas list

5 Great gift ideas for the gardener on your Christmas list

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The Best Farm Footwear…Muck Boots

Muck boots are sexy

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Fresh, Organic Farm Eggs

You haven’t tasted a real egg unless you have chickens of your own that are supplying you with wonderful fresh real eggs.  If not, get ready for a tasty surprize. Free range farm eggs are 100 x better.. not only for you health wise…but […more…]

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Fresh, Green Beautiful Kale

Kale cooks down so to measure the amount you will need per serving I use the old hand trick…1 big handful of chopped kale per adult. Don’t be stingy about that handful…you will want plenty after you taste it!

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High Heels and chicken poop

It happens fast…or at least it does in my world…one day I am dressed to the nines doing my thang out there on stage as a country music artist the next I am washing chicken poop off my front porch here […more…]

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