Grammy Mayhem Part 2

I could not believe what I was seeing …water line marks through the mid-section of this bright red satin dress that had the distinct appearance of how the beach looked outside my hotel window after tide had come and gone this very morning.  Wave lines a bit darker than the rest of the dress where the dampness had come to rest in an irregular pattern .  At first I was in shock standing there blinking my eyes hoping to God this was just a trick of the light, but then I became very present and threw on my just removed clothes and went racing down the hall with Lucca in tow and thoroughly befuddled at the sudden panicked mood change to my sisters Patsy’s room…I frantically knocked on her door bam bam bam…as her hotel room door swung opened I tosses the stained dress in her arms and shoved poor Lucca into the room. “The dress is ruined”…I cried …Ruined! Patsy stood there with one hand holding the mass of red fabric and a hair brush in the other. “what do you mean ruined Peggy”she asked? It has water stains from my suitcase getting wet…see…I took the dress to show the evidences to her…she barely looked knowing full well time was running out and I had nothing else to wear to the Grammy awards that started in less than 2 hours …go now to that shopping area we were this morning and find something quickly…she said as she began to push me out of the door and into the hall…I went back to my hotel room grab my purse and my shoes and ran…literary  ran like a mad hillbilly chasing a roll of duck tape 8 blocks to the promenade in hopes that I could find something to wear and quickly. Tick tock… tick tock…

Santa Monica Promenade

This promenade is much like an open air mall of sorts with several different types of stores on both sides of the street with the area in between a kinda of courtyard. I think of them as the anti-mall…all the same stuff but you feel a little hipper by believing that you are bouquet shopping instead of mall shopping. Nice idea…but same effect in general. There aren’t any what I would call cornerstone stores like Macy’s are Dillards again lending to the anti-mall effect. The problem for me in this case by not having a large department type store there means that I would have to walk to several smaller clothing stores to find what I need. tick tock…

First stop…Bebe…a fairly trendy clothing store that is geared more toward the 20/30 something ladies. Most of their clothes are great for going out to the clubs or parties and tends to be on the mid to moderate price range.  I am looking for a dress…that is what I have in mind so I begin there. Most of the dresses that I am seeing look like there made for hookers though.

My My...???

Mini dresses with a hemlines a foot up from the knee and most are made from some sort of spandex shinny material. I want to look nice for this event but I am not looking to go dressed as a middle-aged prostitute. My God these dresses are short…I must be getting old! And just to let you other ladies know…the 80’s in fashion is back …think The Go’s Go’s…so get out your neon and your hightop tenies! Have yáll ever seen the TV show “What not to wear”? I have a time or two and one thing that kept running through my mind as I was shopping in these stores was something the stylist who is on the show told this lady who dressed well lets just say not age appropate….she said “if you lived though that fashion era once than don’t repeat it again…your too old and it looks tacky. You can be trendy without being tacky and these little mini dresses were tacky…moving right along.

The next stop was…Guess…and yes you guessed it… has in the jeans Guess…I am running out of options there is only a couple of other stores in this section of the promenade and I don’t have time to walk the other end which is about 4 more blocks farther away from the my hotel….I want to make it back without having a heart attack.  Quickly looking around nothing dressy enough for the Grammy’s in this store.

Last stop….Forever 21…holy shit…this is what is has come down to…Forever about shopping far and below your appropriate age…ha ha..but I am desperate and I only have 15 minutes to find something and be on my way back to the hotel. I still have to put on makeup and curl my hair, which by the way I have yet to even heat up my curling iron and hot rollers. The last time I was in a forever 21 store I was here with my Daughter who at the time was a teenager. I think we were looking at prom dresses..yikes!

She's got the la la

This store caters to teenagers with their clothes being very trendy and cheap and lots of them. This store had three levels each pack with everything from belts, jewelry to colored hair extensions and thigh high boots. I pulled my baseball cap down lower over my face and sucked in my chest and made my way though the crowd of young ens… this was my last shot and I couldn’t walk out of here empty handed. I quickly looked though some dresses…they were all about the same style as the ones at Bebe only made a lot cheaper and made that way…I can’t wear cheap and sleazy to the Grammy’s …come on….so I ditched the dress idea…I wasn’t going to find one that I could wear this quickly and not in this store. So I decided to start looking at tops and pants…also letting those cute new red shoes I just brought die a slow death in my head. I had to stop shopping around the shoes. I made one really fast scan around all 3 levels then started honing in on a few things I thought looked pretty good-by just glancing at them. I found a brown top that had some sparkle on it. It also had a little shine to the fabric which looks good under those stage lights. Check…found top….now for the pants…Jesus…now I know where Millie Cyrus gets all her clothes…keep moving Peggy…now I am talking to myself….once again it is all about the 1980’s my friends so straight legs are back and so are the disco balls and fog machines…forget it…I thought…I just went to the nearest row of black pants I could find, looked for my size….and then bought the next size up….my thinking in this was that I would be out smarting the pattern makers who size for teenager bodies in clothes like these not that of a full-grown women. I didn’t try anything on, I don’t think I even looked at the pants other than just quickly when I was looking for my size or bigger.

I ran up to the counter to pay for my goods panting and I must have looked stressed for the girl who was checking me out made me show her a couple of pieces of ID when I handed her my credit card. I ran from the store and up the 8 blocks back to the hotel almost having a head on collision with a couple of skateboarders. Both of us dancing right then left on the sidewalk trying to avoid one another. I didn’t stop running until I reach the elevators in the hotel lobby. As I was standing there tapping the up button like I was suffering from some sort of OCD tap..tap…tap..over and over again…which by the way doesn’t make the elevator come any faster…an older couple who looked as if they had just checked in was waiting with me. Both cutting a sideways look my way…and I know that lady was looking at my bag of cheap teenie clothes and then back up at me…thinking that poor girl…must be from Tennessee….I did have a scrunchy in my hair…that is always a sure sign of a southern girl…we do love us some scrunchies here in the south!

I know yáll are going to want to kill me for doing this, but Lucca is ready for bed and needs his mommies kisses and tucked in…I only have a little more time of doing this before he begins to start locking the door and kicking me out of his room… So Part 3 of Grammy Mayhem coming up next post…hope you come back and finish the tale with me its been a lot more fun writing it then living it I assure you:)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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5 comments on “Grammy Mayhem Part 2
  1. a mad hillbilly chasing a roll of duck tape…nice

  2. Linda Kreuser says:

    Peggy you are killing us!!!! I bet it is more funny now that you are posting it than living it. Can’t wait for Part 3!!!!

  3. Natalie says:

    Dad, you stole my post. Best line I’ve heard in a long time!

  4. Mary says:

    Love the story can’t wait for part 3.


  5. Donna Young says:

    You looked beautiful, who would have known what you went through. You and Patsy are always so relaxed getting ready for a show, I did get a chuckle out of a visual of you. Can’t wait for part 3. Love Ya Cuz