Grammy Mayhem…the finale'

So, wrapping up my Grammy Mayhem story; At this point in the evening Patsy and I both were feeling at bit off our game…I of course was feeling much better about what I was wearing or much more so than Patsy now that we had discovered you can see through her dress and she had not a stitch of clothing under it…I mean who goes to the Grammy’s without underwear??? Hello! What were you thinking I coughed out in trying to hide my bone breaking laughing fit? “Oh my God…Oh my God…you can see through my dress…really you can see through it”? Patsy cried.  She was very near to hailing a cap or jumping behind the bushes at that point. “Yep, a little bit I said, tried to reassure her…hey it’s no big deal…eeeh”..I snickered.  Poor Patsy was nervous, embarrassed and mortified at having to walk the red carpet and…she in deed wanted to run! Okay girls lets go, called our PR  guy that will be walking with us down the red carpet and leading us though the press line. Ah, come on sis I said…who cares…they are all just going to be disappointed that mom’s not here anyway…they aren’t even going to be paying any attention to us…your fine…I would tell you if you weren’t…really I would. So here we go right up to the tip of where the press line begins and the lights are blazing down. Now remember me telling you about my red baby backpack purse? I didn’t think to carry an evening bag with me so to hold all my stuff I brought along my regular red baby backpack I use as a purse…as we were being steered toward the lights I felt this tug at my arm pulling me a little backwards. “ah Mrs..ah Lynn would you like me to hold your bag while you and your sister go though the press-line”? Said this little short lady I had never met before. Not even thinking I replied “oh thank you, but no I’m fine and I smiled at her”. Another couple of steps I moved closer toward the lights and carpet…”ah excuse me Mrs Lynn, its not any trouble at all holding your…uh backpack… really I don’t mind and I will be right behind you and will hand it back to you once we have you seated “. She said with a bit of a tense sound in her voice. “Peggy Jean…give the lady the ugly backpack Patsy spit out…oh..oh…yes I said to this lady thank you so much…I am sorry I didn’t think about bringing…Patsy cut me off as I was beginning to go into the backpack story….come on Peggy…and stand kinda of behind me hissed Patsy…and there we were on the red carpet in in front of the press corps snap…snap…”yelling” Is your mom feeling alright? yes, she is fine…just attending to a sick family member…Patsy and I replied in unison. Snap..snap..”yelling” How’s Loretta we heard reports of her not feeling well? Ah…reading the tabloids I see…I snickered back at the reporter…She is feeling great, Patsy jumped in always the more politically correct of the two of us… snap…snap goes more cameras…”yelling” Is your mom planning on retiring this year? No, we smiled…She’s doing well…thank you…thank you.. stop.. smile.. pose… repeat..

Once inside the building we were escorted to our seats and I was in deed handed back my red baby (and not ugly) backpack…the lights dimmed and the ceremony began. Neither Patsy nor I had giving a thought to preparing any sort of a speech and as each of the honoree’s  stepped up to the podium we are getting a little nervous because they all seemed to have these little index cards with their speech written on them. What are we going to say whispered Patsy in my ear? I have no idea what your going to say…I whispered back…she gave me a funny look…well I said you are the one that took the lead on this…so you are the one that can do the talking up there. Did mom tell you what she wanted us to say? I asked.  Yea, a little but these people are using cards…whispered Patsy back to me.

I was sitting next to Nashville’s Mayor Carl Dean and his wife Anne. Anne was seated next to me. before the ceremony festivities started she and I got to talking about organics and farming…CSA programs and community gardens ect…much to my sisters dismay I will add…Patsy kept giving me that know like can you not talk about being a farmers for one dang night or at least during the Grammy’s… Anna was telling me she is really interested in local food, family farms and CSA’s. I was just telling her she should come out to the farm this summer…I seethed back at Patsy sitting there trying to look all like she ain’t from Hurricane Mills Tennessee…yea right! I may be wearing a couple of safety pins in my  pants, but I am also wear underwear and my dress isn’t clinging to my ass…hello sister…ha ha ha

Just before it was Mom’s turn Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee’s son along with his two lovely little daughters stepped up to the podium to except his father’s award in his father’s  honor. Has anyone that as seen the Kevin Spacey Movie “Beyond the sea” The Bobby Darin’s story? I have, and it was wonderful. Bobby’s son nervously removed his index cards for his speech from his inside jacket pocket and moved closer into the microphone at the podium. He begin talking about his dad and his mom Sandra Dee and how tonight was a great honor to his father. He told a few short antidotes about his dad and then with his youngest daughter loving touching her dad arm for support he tearfully told the audience how his dad would talk to him about everything as if to prepare him for a future he at only a twelve year old boy couldn’t begin to understand.  As the tears filled his eyes so much like his fathers, he said his dad did this because he somehow knew he was going to be here with me very much longer…So he wanted me to know him as a man. It was so touching and I sat there with tears streaming down my own face…I just wanted to run up there and hug him.

Michael Jackson was the next honoree of the lifetime achievement award. Very cool to see all the footage they showed of Michael. We surly lost a great, great enentertainer.

Next up Mom…they had a large screen and rolled a video clip of mom’s amazing career over the years.  I sit there watching…thinking to myself.. wow..she is beautiful…God, I wished she was here…and she is my all time favorite singer…not to even mention what an honor it is for me to be here to represent Loretta Lynn tonight! My heart filled with love and adoration and as my sister and I took to the stage and walked up to the podium we kept the speech short, truthful and gracious. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing we were able to do in our mother stead. very cool indeed:)

PS…we made it out of LA without further incident:)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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11 comments on “Grammy Mayhem…the finale'
  1. SG says:

    Those were the best series of blogs I’ve read in a long time! I love the ending and I’m so glad that it turned out so well!

  2. melissa says:

    LOL ive been looking all day hopin ud post the end of the story wonderful! Cant wait to read more was talking with our coop people watching them set up seed stand waiting to get my hands in this alabama clay and grow some veggies!

  3. Susan Schooley says:

    Thanks so much for your clever account of Saturday’s Grammy Lifetime Achievement Event! Your account of Dodd Darin, Olivia, and Alexa was moving. I really appreciate your feelings! I have shared your account with the Web Team so they may share your observations with our list of Darin Fans!

    Now when time permits I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your blogs!

  4. Mary says:

    Love the story…..


  5. Cindy says:

    Love the story. Your mom is very fortunate have two daughters that will go thew this much trouble for her. God bless you both.

  6. Wow Peggy, What a grand story! I’ve been on the edge of my seat reading your blogs and have bitten my fingernails practically down to stubs worrying how everything ended. I hope poor Saint Farmer Mark survived without you guys. If I had been in Nashville I would have offered to watch the farm for him so he could have gone with you! Keep up the great blogs and tell Mark I’ve put his name in at the Vatican for canonization!

  7. I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard! That was such a wonderful account of your Grammy adventure! Thank you for sharing it:) I just love your attitude to life!

  8. Fabulous story, I could not wait until you wrote this last one to see how everything ended up. What a great adventure and you looked fabulous (never trust the airlines, I think they still have one of my bags from 1991).

    I am so glad I found your blog, I started a farmers’ market in our little town last year and love your gardening tips. I am so jealous of your wonderful farm.

    Going to order seeds now,
    The Park Wife

    • thanks, it was fun to write…I love a good farmers market and believe it makes a community stronger and vital. Thank you for putting yours together. I know the local farmers thank you also:) Good luck with your garden this year. We are hoping for a break in the weather here soon to start getting these cool season crops in the ground….can’t wait:)

      Take care, Peggy

  9. Zach says:

    Loved the story. Will get around to reading the rest of the blog entries later.

  10. Jim Pratt says:

    Angela and I read your blogs about the Grammy trip through alligator tears of laughter!!! This was probably the most entertaining things I have read in months! Thanks for sharing and thanks for representing all of us Tennesseans out there in tinsel town.