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Farm Newsletter

Holy Cow! May is almost over….I can’t believe it. The older I get the faster time fly’s. The farm has pretty much been a soggy place to be the last few weeks. The field has yet to dry out enough […more…]

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Where are my eggs? That is the burning question I have addressed to my flock of laying hens for the past week. Every morning I go to the new chicken coop and every morning I leave with 2 maybe 4 […more…]

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News from the farm

This is the view that welcomes me into the farm’s field every morning during this time of year. Lushly,  fragrant breath-taking heirloom roses. Oh yes…this is the good life! Mark and I along with the farm crew has spent the […more…]

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After The Flood

CSA Shareholders Before I continue with the farm’s newsletter I want to update our CSA Shareholders on your pickup and what to do next.  We are heading into the weekend in a couple of days with a forecast of nice […more…]

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