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Holy Cow! May is almost over….I can’t believe it. The older I get the faster time fly’s. The farm has pretty much been a soggy place to be the last few weeks. The field has yet to dry out enough for Mark to clear anymore beds for us to plant. We did get a few new crops put last week and replanted a little of what we lost in the flood. But we need a few days of dry weather to be able to get all those lost beds fully replanted as well as have new beds amended for us to plant. I spent this evening in the field planting eggplant, more pepper plants and some flowers. I am hoping I can at least have a couple of hours in the morning to plant a bit more before the rains come in the day.

Just a little update on my chicken post a few days ago….the hens after spending the past several days free to range the farm again are laying…I got a little shy of a dozen eggs today from the nest…ha.. ha.. yep…I am the chicken whisper:)

CSA News & Updates

Weekly & Bi-weekly pickup this weekend. Which mean if you are a weekly shareholder you have a pickup this weekend. If you are a biweekly shareholder and didn’t pickup last weekend you have a pickup this weekend.

There are two items that I strongly recommend to help with your CSA items.

1. Debby Myer’s Green bags.

These are bags that you store your washed vegetables in that help them to stay fresh longer. I have used these bags for years now and they work.  They help to add a week or more in some cases to you vegetables. The bags are reusable just a rinse and air dry and they are ready for your next pickup.  The green bags have an enzyme that helps to eliminate  Ethylene a gas that is produced by fruits and vegetables that regulates how quickly fruits or vegetables ripen. You can find green bags at Publix’s, target and places like that.

2. Salad Spinner

This is a tool in my kitchen I use almost daily. What did I do before my salad spinner? I have no idea. But I will tell you with as many leafy greens as you’ve got in your CSA share a salad spinner is a must have item. You can find them at any Target, Walmart…ect..

Over the course of the next couple of pickups you are going to notice your basket’s contents will be changing as our spring crops will be coming to an end and warmer season crops start to produce.  Several of these early warm season crops were damaged by the flood. These are the crops we are in the mist of replanting now. We still have some beds that are producing though.  I will keep you informed as how we plan to go ahead over the next few weeks dealing with our CSA in terms of holding off any pickup for a couple of weekends…I am just giving everybody a heads up on what we are thinking. We are fine for the rest of May…no worries there.

Jam Making Workshop

This Saturday morning we will be holding our Jam Making workshop here on the farm. If you want to learn the process of making your own home-made jams…come on…join us!

Saturday  May 22 nd.    10:30am

Location: The FarmHouse Kitchen

Admission: $8.00  (you will be taking home your jam)

See y’all here on the farm,


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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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One comment on “Farm Newsletter
  1. Cindy says:

    Wish I can join you Saturday sounds like fun. Glad to hear about your chickens over coming there depression. You are “indeed” the chicken whisper