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July farm view

Midsummer here on the farm and the honey bees are having a field day with all the squash blossoms and sunflowers.   Their endeavors make for some sweet honey but they can also make for some careful cutting and weeding amongst these petals. I was cutting a fresh bouquet for the farmhouse yesterday and a couple of honey bees that were feeding on this beautiful bright faced sunflower had other ideas for such a lovely bloom. A little struggle took place for the pleasure of this flower company between me and the bees….after a good solid shake of the stem the bees moved on and the sunflower bouquet is sitting pretty on our farmhouse dinner table.

After an entire month or more without a drop of rain here on the farm this past week we finally received a good dose of life giving rain. The whole farm just seem to light up and turn from near death to lush and green again. Mark and I were so thankful we both wore smiles standing outside under falling raindrops sending little messages to the heaven of thanks while Lucca stood under the porch head cocked to the side looking at his parents with a concerned and un-amused look on his face. Although seeing the creek out front of the farm filling with water again did seem to make him happy considering it is still so unseasonable hot and humid outside and a nice dip in the creek to cool off his a favorite pastime of his.  I spent the better part of the last couple of days planting more crops for the early fall and tending to some crops that had taken the dry, hot weather very hard and either needed to be removed completely or needed a little TLC

Mark and I still have a ways to go to recover from this seasons crazy weather but those little drops of rain sure made it seem possible achieve again.

CSA News & Updates

Weekly & Bi-Weekly pickup this weekend. The peppers are coming in to their peak season so be sure to take a few minutes and preserve a few by quickly freezing them for soups, sauces or tossed in to casseroles and other dishes.

Cut the top off clean washed pepper and remove the seeds and stem. Rough chop the pepper and place single layer on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Please cookie sheet in the freezer for 2hours. Once the peppers are frozen toss them into a ziplock baggie and put in the freezer. By freezing them in a single layer you can no take out of the baggie the amount of peppers you need and they won’t all stick together.

Tomatoes, you are starting to see several in your baskets now. I try to mix both ripe and ready to eat tomatoes along with ones that could stand a couple of day on your kitchen counter to ripen up.  Heirloom tomatoes have a very thin skin which makes them hard to transport to grocery stores. If your tomato has a bruise or blemish just remove it and store your tomato in a sealed bag.  If you find you have too many tomatoes on hand for the week here is a quick and easy way to preserve your bounty.

Bring a pot of water to boil. cut shallow X  mark over the top stem area of the tomato with a sharp knife. Place tomatoes whole in the pot of boiling water for 4 minutes. remove tomatoes and allow to cool. peel away the skins…should come off easily. rough chop your skinless tomatoes and place in a ziplock baggie and toss it into the freezer. Now you have fresh organic tomatoes for pasta sauces and such right in your freezer.

The Market

A lot of folks have been asking about the farm being open or closed on Sundays. We have closed the farm several Sundays due the heat and the low amount of produce left after a busy Saturday market and CSA. While most of you know it has been a struggle this season for the farm after the flood and heat wave we have had. Mark and I have decided that we will need to continue to close the farm on Sundays to the public for the next couple of weeks or more.  I will let you know if anything changes. As for our CSA pickups. although Saturday pickups are the most desired by us if you want or need to pickup your CSA share on Sunday just email and I will make sure we save your share for you.

Speaking of the Market this weekend….BLUEBERRY PIES! Yummy…also I am making Buttermilk Chess pies and Black berry pies.

See ya here on the farm!

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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