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Pickle Making Workshop

Pickle recall…I am asking for those of you last weekend that purchased dill pickles or the dilly beans from the farm market to bring them back for an exchange. There is nothing harmful with them and I repeat…nothing is wrong with them other than I don’t like the way they taste.. I forgot my own golden rule…taste every batch before they go to market. Now isn’t this embarrassing having to ask you for those jars back. Mark and I were having dinner Sunday evening and I brought out a half full jar of dilly beans that were from the batch I made for last weekend’s market. I always have a little brine left over that isn’t quite enough to fill a jar but would allow for Mark and I to keep a few fresh pickles in the fridge so it works out great. Anyway I brought the jar to the tables excited because this was the first batch of dilly beans I have made this season….not a great bumper crop of beans year this summer…anywho…I dug a couple of nice green dilly beans from the cold jar to dress my plate of Sunday’s roast beef dinner. Mark also grab a couple from the jar for his plate…Lucca was a no-go..it’s green thus offends his plate ..ha ha..after taking a bite…I thought maybe these haven’t had enough time to sit and flavor up cause they taste a little off…I had just made them on Friday and they really need to sit for a few days to reach their full flavor. But by the end of nibbling on the bean it hit me…what did I do wrong? I used a different pickling spice then I have always used. I had went on a little shopping trip to Whole Foods last week and had me a little fun in the spice isle. This new organic pickling spice looks good I thought…such a sucker for good packaging..so I brought it and used it..never even giving it a second thought nor a taste test. I always taste the pickle brine before I pour it into the jars checking for salty-ness and such…but this time I didn’t…I just got reckless and forgetful and worst than those two things over confident in my pickling abilities…the downfall of many a good cooks.
The pickles and dilly beans are fine to eat…well not fine in that they don’t taste very good…but there is nothing unhealthy or harmful about them…they just don’t meet my approval. The pickling spice I used is too clove heavy too dark spiced for my pickling taste. So I am asking that you bring your pickles or dilly beans back to the market and allow me to replace them with some from a new batch. These are just the ones that were at the market this last weekend.

Another weekend off the farm for me. I am traveling on tour this weekend leaving the farm to Mark and the crew. We have been planting this week getting some fall crops in the ground and loving this nice mild weather. We should be seeing a new crop of sunflowers opening this weekend hopefully and some sweet potatoes ready to go.

CSA News & Update
This Saturday will be a Weekly Shareholder Pickup only. We are holding our Bi-weekly shareholders for a week. We are looking at these tentative summer makeup dates for pickups.

Bi-weekly summer makeup pickup date Sept 4th.
Weekly summer makeup pickup date Sept 4th.
CSA Fall Harvest pickup Oct 23rd. this is a bonus pickup for our summer shareholders who have hung through a tough hot growing season with us…thank you so much!

Tara Bradshaw will be hosting a free green cleaning workshop10:30am this Saturday at the farm. Simple to make toxic free cleaners that you can make easily from things you have in your pantry. Come join the fun and learn something new.

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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