One foot on the farm…one foot on the stage

There are times when life (A) my life as a farmer and my life (B) my life as a singer/songwriter tend to clash. This is a busy time for my life (B) touring and performing. Juggling these two radically different kinds of lifestyles isn’t easy by any means. It seems they both beckon me just when the other needs me the most. Spring and fall are really tough times for a farmer to be off the farm. Both seasons represents times of planting and cultivating. Organic farming is a hands-on trade that is time consuming and in my case at times all consuming. It is the hardest dollar I have ever earned but truly one of the most fulfilling as well. But the real cash flow that keeps this little farm and family afloat is out there on the road singing. That is a fact and that is where hard decisions have to be made as to how and what we do here on the farm.  I am not alone…Mark takes care of the farm with me. He digs those beds out 2 or 3 times a year battling the Bermuda grass. He mows and weed-eats this whole place every week during the summer with only 1 other guy that comes in a few hours once a week.  The animals he feeds and waters and when I am gone he takes care of harvesting for the CSA and farm market. Not to mention taking care of Lucca our young son. No I am not doing all this by myself that is for sure. Mark is old school in a lot of ways. He is also an Italian male so watching his wife load up on a tour bus with a bunch of musicians for a weekend here on there while he is stuck here tending to farm is hard for him. Which in turn makes it harder for me.  I guess because I grew up with my mom traveling and my father staying home with Patsy and I it doesn’t seem out of order. The thing that is different is that Mark and I share a business together that relies on both of us to be a full time part of.  The thing that is the same is its never easy for either person to feel like they are left behind while the other is off gallivanting across the countryside looking like they are having the time of their lives while you are cleaning up after a sick kid or washing a load after load of dirty clothes or…digging out Bermuda grass with a pickax.  I watched my dad go through it to a degree. Although he did have to weight some of the blame he was the one that started my mother out there. He just couldn’t take being out there himself. She on the other hand could have been more then happy to trade places with dad at anytime.  I totally get that now. I would stay here in a heartbeat and let Mark do the 20 hour bus ride with a bunch of noisy…man-boys with guitars smelly shoes in the buck hallway not to mention the tiny bathroom on the tour buses that these guys can’t seem to keep their aim in. There are the pluses don’t get me wrong. The fans being one of them. I have yet to walk into a venue where they weren’t all happy to see  us coming. I love to look out into the audience and watch their lips as they sing right along with you…word for word. And I love slipping into clothes that make me feel like a woman…not a field worker. I also love being able to be in the arms of my family and of course my mom…a living legend whom always leaves me in complete and udder aw of her talent.  But other then a few hours of that its Dennny’s or truckstop food…quick hotel showers and small cramped dressing rooms. It’s phone calls home….are you wearing that dress on the road?…and the guilt of..yea, your are leaving me here while you get to go somewhere, anywhere else. Yep…I would trade….well maybe…I do like those high heels and I do need an outlet to wear them…and to be honest…I am the better performer of the two of us:)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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One comment on “One foot on the farm…one foot on the stage
  1. Zach Clayton says:

    Peggy – I really liked this post. As someone who used to travel a lot for work, this really spoke to me. Though the mode of transportation may be different, the challenges of the road are still there. Keep up the posts.

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