Winding down summer…readying for the fall.

This afternoon Mark and Richard spent the day clearing a couple of beds getting them ready to plant more fall crops in. Of course they also like to horse around a bit as well…Richard taking a break in the tractor bucket as old farmer Mark heads to the compost pile for another load. Yep…life around here on the farm we get our kicks where we can find them…never dreamed that would be while hauling manure or farm crew around:)

The farm is in a state of flux right now. In between summer and fall with the summer crops petering out but still too warm for the fall crops to start producing. Most gardens have long seen their hay days and by late summer most gardeners have retreated and surrendered their best efforts to the bugs, weeds and heat. But I will have to tell you fall is a wonderful time in the garden and with this hot…hot…hot..summer behind us (I hope) you would be surprised how bountiful fall gardens can be.  The cool nights and warm days are perfect weather for growing some really nice greens such as kale, swiss chard and collards, turnip greens not to leave out those lettuces return. It almost feels like spring again in a fall garden.

Today a had a visit from our Sumner county extension agent Bob Ary. I haven’t seen him in a while but had been planning on calling him to ask him if he would please come out to the farm and help me in formulating a plan for our fall planting of blackberry bushes. Ours bushes from last year produced so little so I know there is a problem. We also lost our peach crop this year and several peach trees. So I need to rack his brain before we invested several hundred dollars in replacing and adding fruit crops this year. So needless to say I was happy to see him pull in the farm drive. Right off the bat he told why I lost the peach crop…a moth that infects the small peach fruit in the spring…Here I was think it was some kind of fungus or blight. So at least I have something to work with now. He also helped me to find a strawberry plug suppler that is within a days driving range and not some long trip 5 states over. We looked at the infestation of squash bugs that have plagued this farm all summer. He had some good insight and offered to send additional info to me that may help. Reaching out to those that may have  more knowledge then you is a good thing…I think I may do it more often. You county extension agent is a great resource for home gardeners as well. Also if you want to bump up your ability in the garden you may consider signing up for a master gardeners program through your extension office.

CSA News & Updates

This weekend will be our last summer CSA pickup. Both weekly and our Biweekly shareholders can pickup their share Saturday 9-2pm. The weather forecast looks like it will be a amazingly gorgeous day with temps in the high 70’s bring a jacket…ha ha.. A great day to cut flowers. They love this cooler weather and will last so much long now that it’s not 126 degrees  in the field.  Please remember to bring your baskets and containers back to the farm with you this weekend.

I had a few of CSA shareholders from last weekends pickup ask me about the sweet corn at the market  and why its wasn’t available as part of their share but only offered at the market for sell.  The answer to that is that it wasn’t our corn but a friend of ours whom had brought it back with them from MI while visiting family.  We never have allowed that before but I made an exception I probably shouldn’t have. Lesson learned and I am sorry for the confusion.

If there are vegetables at the market that aren’t in your CSA basket it is due to quantity issues. Not having enough of that one particular vegetable at the time that can be placed in everyone’s share baskets.  We try and give everyone the same thing keeping it as fair as we can. But if ever there is something you want vegetable wise that isn’t in your basket but at the market, just asked and we’ll exchange vegetables with you or allow you to take what it is you like. Again this is your farm…you paid to have first dibs…and we will try our best to give you what you want and will eat over what you don’t want.

Fall CSA News & Updates:

We are getting ready for our Fall CSA shareholder gathering scheduled for Sept.18th. 10:30am.  We will be walking our fall shareholders though the program as well as serving up food and drinks and a fun informative farm tour. This gathering is very important for us and our shareholder to kick off a successful program with everybody on the same page and knowing the ins and outs of what to expect in the coming weeks.  Mark your calendars the fall season will begin very shortly.

Milk Shares: For those of you that live in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin our good friend and fellow farmer Cathy Williams at Song Haven Farm is offering Milk Shares starting this fall. For more information on Song Haven Milk Shares you email Cathy at

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