Fall Is In The Air

Row covers on the tender plants

Continuing to ride this coaster of strange weather patterns this year, this week we are dealing with the threat of frost on the crops. Our overnight temps getting down into the high to mid 30’s. Mark and I spent the better half of yesterday evening dragging out the row covers or frost blankets to cover the tender crops that can’t take even the slightest layer of frost. Crops like eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. All the summer flowers are so sensitive many times a frost blanket is not enough. Being a farmer I understand the changes of the season and letting go is just part of the process of life here on the farm. Summer crops give way to fall crops that can take and indeed thrive in cooler and cold temperatures. I went back through my farm reports that I keep…something like a farm journal where I document everything from seed varieties we are planting to our field garden rotation plan to how the market is doing…I refer to these reports all the time to cross check and to track our progress. I always begin my farm report with the recent temps and rain fall amounts. So I did a bit of cross checking over the past few years and our first frost date is somewhere between October 15-24th. for a light frost then soon after a killing frost. So we are early this year…and like most things this year with the weather I am not surprised. The good news however is that so far under the protection of row covers or frost blankets the crops seemed to fair okay. A little burn on some tips and some of the peppers look like that may need pulling out but I have to say I think we made it through by our chinie chin chin.
We are in the middle  of planting strawberries this week and garlic as well. We lost most of both these crops last spring during the flood. We will be spending the rest of this month pulling out summer crops that are long passed the productive stage and getting these beds repaired and amended. Lots of work but in much nicer temperatures.

We still have a lot of flowers blooming and ready to be cut. Come on and take some home before the we have to say goodbye to these beauties:)


CSA News & Update

Saturday will be our 4th week of our fall CSA here on the farm. In your baskets this week be looking for sweet potatoes. As the season moves along some of the summer vegetables your have seen thus far in your fall CSA will be dwindling down in quantity such as okra, summer squash and tomatoes and peppers. In the next couple of weeks crops such as spinach, Broccoli and lettuce will be ready for harvest.  Get those freezer bags ready…more greens this weekend.

At the Market: Fresh Pumpkin pies, Honey roasted Pumpkin seeds and Maple pecan pies along with Buttermilk bread loafs.  Open Saturday 9-2pm

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One comment on “Fall Is In The Air
  1. Flassie says:

    Enjoy the videos!

    Hope All Your Crops Will Be Blessed!!!

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

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