Sharing the harvest. We would like to send out an invitation to our local community and to our neighbors that have been struggling in these hard times.  Madison Creek Farms has beds of organic, fabulous healthy greens ready to be harvested and we are giving these crops away free to those that would like to come to the farm harvest them themselves.  So if you or someone you know would like to add something locally grown and organic to your Thanksgiving table come on out and dig in.  You will need to bring with you  a baggie and some cutters to harvest with. No need to call ahead and you are welcome to come any day of the week.  Just help yourselves.

This week ready for harvest:


Baby collards

Mustard Green

Fresh Farm Eggs still available

Also we are still offering our free-range organic eggs for sell if anyone would like to pick up a dozen. You will need to email Mark  for availability.

Once the farm season has ended and we close the farm market for the winter season it takes me a couple of good weeks to just recover from the busy spring, summer and fall season. It seems like I just fall into this state of slow moving, less talking and little action. Granted there is plenty still left to do out there in the field with beds that need repaired and amended and lots of clean up that needs to happen but finding the energy to tackle these seems hard to come by. I tend to turn my attention back to the indoors rather then the outdoor and look to my farmhouse from things to do. The farmhouse takes a backseat when the farm is up and running. I spend my time outdoors and I will have to admit the farmhouse gets only a passing thought from me….and believe me a passing thought for me is like 1 second…then its “what was I thinking about”? Oh….I need to pull those weeds from the flower bed…

Thank goodness this state of bah…doesn’t last long and now getting to sleep in past 5am in the mornings helps restore my enthusiasm in getting these off season tasks done.  The weather has been beautiful this month and we did that patio in front of our market pavilion built. Our new crop of blackberries and strawberries are planted and I did get some heirloom garlic planted and then replanted after the chicken dug it back up.  Today I am planting daffodils bulbs and packing up more of the market away for the winter. I am leaving tonight to head out on tour and thank goodness our shows will be in in the south where its still nice and warm…I just don’t like getting out of that tour bus and facing off with old man winter. It has been a hard farming year….we have struggled every step of the way. Between record breaking temperatures weeks in the triple digits, floods, bugs and then a dry Indian summer I can’t say that I was not happy at the end of October to see the farm close for the winter.  A couple of more weeks of rest from farming then I will have to get some of our spring crops seeded into trays and under the lights…these early cool season plants have to be planting out into the field in February. By the middle of January there are thousands of little baby seedlings we have started here on the farm so come to think of it…I need to rest up…yep…back to bed:)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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