Sowing up a spring season!

Giant White Kohrabi

March madness…that is what it feels like during this month. As a farmer or gardener we all know that spring time planting is one of the busiest times of our entire season. The window of opportunity when planting out cool season plants here is very narrow. While I am feeling confident that we have gotten a lot of seeds and seedlings into the ground thus far we still have more to plant in the coming couple of weeks to be ready for our CSA and spring market. Below is my planting list…just a rough idea of what we will be growing this year as our main production throughout the early and late spring season.


] Spring 2011
Vegetable Description April May June
Red Russian Kale Heirloom variety dark stems with flat leaves
Curly Leaf Kale
Winterbor Kale Flat leaf and very tender
Baby Collard Greens tender and sweet
Golden Frills Mustard Greens Green Leaf
Scarlet Frills Mustard Greens Red Leaf
Garnert Mustard Greens Purple Leaf
Arugula Rocket Wild Arugula
Arugula Surrey Milder taste
Baby Tatsoi more leaf then bulb
Cress Peppery tasting flat leaf
Red Leaf Amaranth Dark color taste like spinach
Mache Corn Salad sweet and tender
Red Fire red open rosette lettuce
Panisse green open rosette
Red Natividad red curled leafs
Romaine Green Heads
Blood Red Romaine Dark Red heads
Summer Crisp bi-color rosette
Mini Head lettuce Reds & Green sm.heads
Loose leaf lettuce red,green curly,flat, oak leaf
Lettuce Mixes Spicy, Sweet, Herbal
Beets Red, Gold and Cylinder
Broccoli Raab
Italian Dandelion
Spinach smooth, savoy leaf
Kohlrabi white & Purple
Spring Onion white, yellow, red
Radishes red,white,purple
Swiss Chard Fordhook, Magenta
Baby Turnip Greens
Sugar Snap Peas
Potatoes  French Fingerlings, Red, White and Purple
Snow Peas



Carrots  Nelson shorts


Romaneco Italia Green cauliflower

Broccoli Raab

Parsley Flat & Curly
Saltwort great in salads
Tulips red, pink, white, yellow
English Roses pale yellow, pink edible
Peonies Pink, red
Foxtail Lilies Yellow
Yarrow Yellow, pink, red
Snap Dragons multi colors
Batch-Buttons Blue
Calendula Yellow edible
Dianthus Red
Larkspur multi colors
Euphorbia Greenery
Nasturtium multi colors edible
Johnny jump-ups Blue/White edible
Note: Please note some items may not be available due to crop failure, limited supply or weather related delays.


Romaine Lettuces



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One comment on “Sowing up a spring season!
  1. Tracey Robinson says:

    Am so excited it is almost time for the Market to open for the season. I am so ready for your fresh vegetables and baked good.See you the 7th.

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