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New Arbors being built this season

Scheduling anything with a specific dates around when crops are expected to be ready is tricky to say the least. Weather being the leading component that can throw you a week or a few days off of when you think your crops will be ready to harvest. Spring has always been the toughest when it comes to scheduling around expected crop time. You never know what kind of weather you will be having in any given spring so these dates will vary from year to year.  I try and look at where we were in the farm’s production times of the course of a couple of seasons then set my goal for somewhere in the middle of those two past dates for scheduling expected harvest times as well as any events, CSA pickups or farm orders for that date.  With all that said…in long hand…we have some crops that are ready and some that are still a little heat struck from last weeks 90 degree temps and are just sitting there…of course they are relishing this weeks cooler temperatures.  These fluctuating temperatures do a couple of thing to crops…some crops think…holy cow! It’s summer lets go straight to making seed and by pass producing any harvest-able food…others are like…na..I think I will wait this out and just sit here doing nothing…but looking short and shocked. Yes, I know…I give my crops voices…lock me away…I am dangerous.  Anywhoo.. That is were we are right now.  The good news is the crops are looking great and we are still in the pink (which is good) for this season here on the farm.

Broccoli crop in the field

The confusing part is now how to handle the CSA pickup and chef orders for the farm over the next few days. I have a CSA gathering scheduled for this coming Saturday as well as their first pickup of the season.  We are still a few weeks away from the farm opening for the summer and fall which is great. We still have a lot to do around here to be ready for the farm opening to the public this year and I will say we will need all that time to be ready. But the CSA is another story….I’ve built our entire early spring season around our CSA program and we seem to be able to  get started earlier and earlier every season with our CSA pickups. This way our shareholders will get plenty of these cool season vegetables that are so sweet and wonderful especially after a long cold winter. But with that comes moving around dates and harvest times to accommodate mother nature.   And on this or any farm believe me when I tell you…Mother Nature rules…we all bend to her will and her schedule…period.  We also have some nasty weather moving in middle Tennessee today which will leave us unable to harvest and our farm one big muddy mess for the weekend.  We are going to be rescheduling our CSA  Gathering for the following Saturday April 23rd.  and pray for lovely weather:)

CSA News & Updates

Apri CSA baskets


CSA gathering for Saturday April 16th. is postponed. We will need to reschedule for the following Saturday April 23rd.

For those of you that can not attend the CSA Gathering April 23rd. Please Email Peggy at the farm to schedule a early pickup.

I want to stress to you though…this gathering is an important part of starting our CSA program. Not only informational wise but also in the overall concept of what a CSA is about, which is community and relationships. This is a slow food model that’s  emphasis is based on sharing and connecting to each other and where and how your food is grown.

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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