It's all in the little things

With spring bidding us a sweet farewell and summer closing in our crops begin to change.  It is always a sad thing for me to have to say goodbye to my spring crops…I don’t know why they are the only ones I feel so sad about moving on from. Maybe it’s due to the nice weather making working out in the field feel less like work. Or maybe it is the bounty in which spring offers us here on the farm. No other season do we see such a sea of green.  Spring time is a time for births and new beginning on a farm so it stands to reason it would also be a time for renewed excitement for yet another season here at the farm.

Speaking of new beginnings; with spent crops coming out this week and new seeds being planted it truly is a new being in the farm’s field. It’s time for okra and pole beans to get planted as well as melon and late season tomatoes. Over the course of the new short few weeks the farm will explode in color from the flowers as well as the plants growing by the foot not the inches. June is amazing when it comes to the changes in how the farm looks.  This is really the time of year to keep my eye on the farming part of my job. Bugs, weeds and drought is at its peak over the next few weeks and as a farmer I can tell you summer time is hard farming and not at all a big bunch of fun. No one likes to deal with hot sweaty days and I sure don’t enjoy that part of my life either. But it is part of what my passion is so…come on with it.  This week we are taking out a couple of lettuce and greens beds that are either bolting…getting ready to bolt or not producing enough to earn their keep. In these beds I am planted beans…snap beans, pole beans, yard-long beans and edamame which is a immature tasty little soy bean, one of my favorites. We are also planting our first crop of okra for the summer season. I love okra! I have seed trays ready for those late season tomatoes which start producing in August and take us through the fall for the our CSA and market.

One of the next crops to be ready are the carrots…ya..hoo! There is nothing like a fresh carrot just pulled from the soil to make you wish you had all those wonderful heads of lettuce back in the field. Dirty trick it is…when the carrot are ready the lettuce is going out. But, fear not…we may at least get a couple more weeks of spotty harvests of lettuce still to come. Carrot are kinda tricky to grow well. They take thinning out a few times and keeping them weed free and composted to keep the moisture during dry spells. But they are worth it indeed.

Details…details…details that is what I have to reminding myself of this time of year. Don’t overlook the little things…that little weed now turns into a huge one later on with thousands of seed ready to take over the farm on the tail of a summer breeze. Those little holes on the green bean’s leaves is pest damage and if not looked into as to what pest and taken care of could lead to the entire crop lost. But most of all…take the time to enjoy Gods gifts. One of those gifts need a bath right now and his bed time story :)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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