Let the season begin..Saturday 9-2pm. Farm Open!

Here we go…this Saturday we are opening the farm up to the public. This will be our 5th. season with the farm market pavilion being built and our farm hosting these little Saturday markets. Before we built the pavilion we were selling at farmers markets and to retail stores for half a decade. We have really enjoy for the most part having the farm open the last few years with Mark and I continuing to add more things to the farm each year. This is a real working little farm and believe me when I say wearing the retail and the production hats can be really tough. We produce what we sell so when the field is bare so is the market. That has been the toughest thing about the market is trying to educate people about what a farm market really or I should say truly is. They are so used to shopping at the super markets where there isn’t a season when it comes to fresh food. Or even at some of the farmers market where the vendors are mostly resellers and not farmers themselves. So it always looks full and bountifully. In the case of real producer only farmers markets that isn’t the case at all. The vendors there are farmers and this is what is in season and available right out of their fields.   Same goes for our market. We are a slow food destination not a roadside stand that sits up a little petting barn, some hanging plants and some straight from Mexico tomatoes. They never have to worry about not having their crops come in they don’t have any crops…but they do mimic farmers…something I find very shady in the least.  I had a lady say to me last year on the day we open the farm…”ah…excuse me…but where are the tomatoes? I said they aren’t ready yet…another few weeks before they are ready to harvest. She looked around the market…oh my…so this is all you grow? I had to laugh a little as I replied…yep…this is all we have this week…well, she said I guess I am going to the farmers market…they already have their tomatoes in. I said they sure do…isn’t it amazing the differences in our micro- climate one county to the next.  You do know those aren’t tomatoes grown in Tennessee right? She looked at me almost mad and said…yes they are, it’s the Farmers Market! I understand that…but it is early May here …tomatoes aren’t ready in our area or even for 300 miles around our area unless they are hot-house tomatoes.  It’s was a hard lesson on what is locally grown and in season. She is now in the farm’s CSA this year and lord I love her…she is on the road to recovery.

What’s Fresh At the Market This Week!


Parris Romaine Lettuce

Red Ribbon Butter Lettuce

Spicy Lettuce Mix w/arugula

Spring lettuce mix Sweet & Tender

Braising Mix Greens

Baby turnip greens

Baby collard greens

De Cicco Broccoli




Red Rollo spring onion

Blanco white spring onion


Swiss Chard

Windor kale


The FarmHouse Kitchen

Honey Glazed Strawberry Short Cakes

Lavender Short Bread Cookies

Strawberry/Rhubarb Pies

Parmesan/Garlic Kale chips

Fresh Farm Eggs

Hand-Churned real sweet cream butter

Our fabulous artisan jams and more… Come see us!

Remember…mornings are best here on the farm…eggs, butters and specialty items sell out fast.  Stormy weather can prevent the farm from opening or having to close early. Be sure to check our website facebook window for the latest updates before traveling to the farm.




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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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