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Color My World

Okay…Color my world is the title to one of my husband songs he co-wrote a few years ago…I am just borrowing it for the headline of this weeks newsletter and blog post. But it fits… for I am talking fresh […more…]

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Pickles and Planting

That pretty much sums up my life on the farm this week. I am covered up in dill right now in the garden…way over planted this spring. But pickles are one of my favorite things to make. Pickling to me […more…]

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Missing In Action

Farm work by any standards is tough…hot and sweaty work. You really do have to love and have a passion for this way of life. My husband Mark who was born in inter-city Pittsburgh…yankee…city boy…never in his wildest dreams would […more…]

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CSA Update & Market News

I am asking for our shareholders whom can pickup their shares during the week next week to do so. Monday 9am-12pm Tuesday 9-12pm Please email me to let me know which day you can come and we will have your […more…]

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High Heels & Chicken Poop

Most of you that know me or have read this blog…or have at least visited the farm know I have two very different lives that I lead. One I refer to as Life A…this is my life as a female […more…]

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Everythings Coming Up Carrots!

I love freshly pulled from the soil carrots…dripping sweet, full a vitamins organically grown carrots! There really is no comparison to the ones in the super markets. Kinda like strawberries in away…there are just hands down better. One might think […more…]

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