Everythings Coming Up Carrots!

I love freshly pulled from the soil carrots…dripping sweet, full a vitamins organically grown carrots! There really is no comparison to the ones in the super markets. Kinda like strawberries in away…there are just hands down better. One might think growing carrots is fairly easy…but I will tell you from my experience which is sorta plenty…they are not. Carrots can be temperamental in their germination depending on the weather. They like it cool…but not too cool…they don’t like warm weather when they are just breaking the soil…and they need water and lots of compost. I don’t even try to grow those long varieties for they hit clay in my field and then they will take on some sort of freakish shapes. So I stick to the short types and they do great for me. The biggest issue with growing crops like carrots and beets is the thinning…and then the thinning …and then thinning some more.  It does take a thick skin to toss those very little baby carrots during the thinning. The donkeys and goat love them. And I do allow some plots to grow close together for harvesting baby carrots. If you don’t thin these types of crop you will have no crops at all…all you will have is a bunch of greens. It is tedious work dealing with carrots and after a about half a bed of thinning I am ready to move on to digging Bermuda grass as appose to continuing on pulling all those little roots. I always found it strange how the vegetables that are the most labor intense are the ones we take the most for granted.  Think about it…everyone loves a tomato…but really they aren’t that hard to grow…we maybe to grow well. But really…you plant them, water them…tie them up when they start to get larger and boom you have tomatoes. And tomatoes are really pretty fun to grow…but I have never seen folks rushing to the market when the beets and carrots are the stars of the moment….and they took a lot more of my time and my backache.

This weeks delivery of fresh produce to Chef's Market

We will be harvesting our first batch of carrots for the CSA and market this Saturday along with the last of the collards and turnip greens. The weather is certainly changing and summer has arrived. These cooler season crops are heading out and the warming varieties will be coming in soon.  We have a lot of weeding and prettying things up to do in the next couple of weeks with Talk Of The Town coming to visit the farm for a TV taping. Chef’s Market invited the show out to the farm for a chic county gathering  demonstrating some of the types of fresh produce they get from us for their restaurant.  We are excited about how Jim and everyone at Chef’s as treated us and I personally love…that place! Our deal with Chef’s is simple…old fashion in a way but it works great for us. We bring them our fresh produce…whatever we have growing that week and they turn it into something incredible via their talented chefs…and we as in Mark, Peggy and Lucca get to have dinner out and away from the farm….I don’t have to cook it…nor clean up afterwards…and it is always fabulous. My food for their food…now that is about as local as you can get when it comes to doing business.  If you haven’t treated yourself to the Chef’s Market…you really should. Check out more info about one of our Goodlettsville treasures  Chef’s Market & Take Away

Market & CSA Updates

We will be having a CSA pickup this Saturday…come in the morning if you can with the heat your greens will wilt. Also with the heat of the day we will have to finish harvesting by 11am.

Fresh at the market this week

FarmHouse Chicken Salad

Honey Walnut Carrot pie ( It is amazing!)

Homemade real 100% fruit Rolls


Free Cooking demo going on all day at the market pavilion!  Fun, tasty and a great way to learn a new trick or two!

See yáll at the farm!



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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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One comment on “Everythings Coming Up Carrots!
  1. Elaine Evans says:

    Hello !! I am so excited to find you, not sure how I did but so happy I did. I’m relatively new in Robertson Co, new to the area, and so interested in your CSA. Grew up living off the family farm in the mid-50s and so miss all that goes with it. What is the best contact info to participate in the next season. Thx e.evans7890@gmail.com

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