Make way for the Queen!

Heirloom Tomatoes

We have all heard the that Corn is king here in America if that is so then I think Tomatoes should be crown Queen! She is by far the queen of this farm during this hot summer season. Nothing and I do mean nothing drives folks to the farmers markets like a fresh tomato and as for me nothing keeps me hovering around the field ringing my hands in anticipation like waiting for these ladies to soak up the sun and start ripening up on the vine.  Harvesting tomatoes can be a fulfilling gig on the farm as well especially the grape, cherry and current types that are so easy to pop into your mouth as you work filling the basket. My son never complains too much about harvest tomatoes or strawberries with me. I wonder why?

Current Tomatoes

Their are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes out there but really only a few that are grown on any scale or sold though mass markets to the public for home gardens. Heirloom varieties are my favorite to grow here on the farm as well as the best tasting in my opinion. Last Saturday at the market here on the farm we had a few of different types heirlooms tomatoes that we grow ready to go into CSA baskets and the market itself for the general public to buy. Heirlooms take longer to ripen up…on average 120 days as apposed to say the popular F1 variety Early Girl or Better Boy which ripen in around 80 days. These heirloom tomatoes also grow very large some reaching 6 ft or more.  They need lots of space and a little more attention. Ah…but for all of us whom are tomato lovers…these old fashion varieties are hands down the best on our plates. They might look a little ugly now and then…they may have thin skin which makes them fragile in handling..the bugs like them too..but for all her drawbacks these are like jewels and treated with all the reverence of royalty…or as royal as you can get when planted in compost.:)

We spent much of yesterday taming falling branches and cleaning up lower leaves that are turning brown. This hot weather is key to getting these girls to show off there blushing skins.  We also harvested some green tomatoes for that truly southern favorite Fried Green Tomatoes.


Check out this website for lots of tomato recipes and tips.  The Rural Independent


CSA News & Updates

Our next CSA pickup will be July 23th.  for our summer season.  As always the flowers and herbs are here for you to cut and enjoy any weekend you want included in you CSA share. The sunflowers are really beautiful right now. Same goes for our Fall Shareholders…enjoy the farm.


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