Planting up a fall season


Here we are right in the middle of the dog days of the hottest summer on record!…can you believe that? The only difference from last summer is the rains…we have had enough rain to help prevent the field from burning up this summer…last year we had nothing in the way of rain and the crops were damaged..cooked and dried up. But this season has been marvelous and productive…can’t you just see me smiling as I typed that:) Now its time to move along to getting these fall crops planted. One of the things that are kinda holding us back is the heat. No seedling like to be sit out in temperatures that are in the triple digits…and certainly not these cool season crops.  We got few things in the ground today and I hope to get a early start in the morning planting more. I am excited about the fall season and getting our shareholders back on the farm to reap the rewards…along with a certain female farmer…


That is what the farm is in right now with several summer crops subsiding to the heat and giving out a little early and new crops going into the ground but will be weeks before they are ready.  We go through this time every year at some point between August and early September here on the farm. As farmers this is a busy time getting ready for a whole new season of work and like the spring planting season the clock is ticking. The difference is that in the spring the planting beds are empty ready to plant…the fall planting season the beds still have summer crops in them and even though most are barely hanging on they are still trying to produce. It’s hard to just rip them out when there’s a little life left. Also the market here at the farm getting really bare bones this time of year. A few tomatoes and eggplant…peppers and okra. But for the most part nothing like peak seasons.  We will be closing the farm market for the next couple of Saturdays while we are planting and getting our Fall CSA ready to start their season with us. Keep an eye on the website, facebook and here on the blog for when the farm will return to our Saturday Markets open to the public.

Fall CSA News & Updates

We have a full fall CSA this season and I just wanted to thank those that signed up and let you know we are excited to thankful to have you with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call…(I will tell you the phone and the field don’t play well together so email is best to reach me)

We have a few new shareholders this season…Welcome to the farm family! I want to take a few minutes extra to show you around the farm and get you into the swing of how the CSA program works and what to expect as well as getting to know each other personally.  I am asking that our New Shareholders have their 1st. pickup  Saturday August 20th.  10:30 am. This is your orientation and farm tour day as well as your share pickup.  This is an important part of the over-all CSA mission..above the food CSA is about community & relationships within the local food system. So please if at all possible plan on spending 45 minutes to hour with us here at the farm…it very well could make the difference in your investment and experience within the CSA program.  We have a cooking demo planned as well as showing you how to harvest flowers and a quick and easy but beautiful bouquet you can make and take home with you.

Note: Returning shareholders…you know you are welcome to come to the gathering as well…:) Your Pickup date is August 27th.

New Shareholder Pickup and Gathering

Saturday   Aug. 20th.

Time 10:30 am

Place: The Market Pavilion @ Madison Creek Farms

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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2 comments on “Planting up a fall season
  1. Jim Pratt says:


    Hope you are surviving this TN winter!!!
    I have a question… my wife and I planted A BUNCH of hyacinth last year and I suppose because of the warm days we had this fall, they have started to come back up! we have several that are 1-3″ up right now! what do we do? cut them back and mulch? just mulch, do nothing? Please help!!!

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