Waitin' on the rains

Rain…Rain…if you talk to any farmer right now in middle Tennessee believe me that will be the hot topic of your discussion. We are dry as a bone and with the water table low…the creek dried up the plants are stressed and new seedlings coming on slowly not wanting to poke their heads out of the soil into a harsh environment.  Can’t say that I blame them either.  On a good note…some of the seedlings are up and with hand-watering are doing fine.  Watering is the longest and most mondaine job there is on the farm. And the city water right now is awful! There is enough chemicals in the tap water mostly chlorine to cause more harm then good to the plants. But without rain water…or well water…its our only option.

We are getting ready for our Fall CSA gathering and pickup for new shareholders this Saturday here on the farm. With the farm’s market being closed it will be nice to have folks back on the farm.  We have enough right now to fill our CSA but nothing much left over. It hurts more then helps to have the market so bare when we stay open.  So…Are you shareholders ready to get back on the farm?…Here we go…

Yardlong Beans

CSA Updates & Information

Our new shareholder gathering and their 1st. pickup is this Saturday 10:30 pm. here at the farm.  Like I told you last week we will be walking you through the program and  also hosting a quick cooking demonstration. If you are new to the CSA please make sure you have signup here on the blog to receive a notice when we post new content. This is the only way we have to communicate with the entire CSA.  Also make sure you have downloaded the CSA Handbook from our website…you can find it on the CSA page. here’s the link  Madison Creek Farm CSA

We have a couple of vegetables we grow here on the farm that you may not be familiar with. I thought I would get you up to speed on them as well as sharing a couple of cool websites I have found that have some wonderful recipe ideas.

The first vegetable is the Yardlong Beans. These are just what the name implies …beans that are a yard long. Some folks call the noddle beans as well.  A few go along way:)  Here is a great link to some nice ideas, information and recipes for the Yardlong Beans Grouprecipes for yardlong beans




Edamame, This is one of my favorite beans in the world! I love snacking on them as well as adding a few pod to my salads. Edamame is basically a immature soybean..heads up for those with soy issues…they are packed full of all the good stuff your body loves you to eat.  Now these beans are just now coming on and getting ready to harvest. I am hoping we will have some this weekend for the CSA.  Here are a couple of  links on Edamame   Recipes

Edamame Information


See y’all soon!

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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