Timing is everything

I come from a musical background and so does Mark…that is how we met 15 years ago. Both of us were staff songwriters at Song/Tree publishing in Nashville. We also were neighbors living on the same street in East Nashville..but that takes me off my direction of thought… what I was thinking…is everything is about timing. We musicians live and breath timing. And I have found so does nature. You plant a seed into the ground..and it will sit there until nature tells it..it’s safe to come up now. Sometimes nature also like to play a few dirty tricks and just when you least expect it change from warm to cold or cold to hot. I was working out in the field today weeding and thinning radishes and I noticed beds that we planted 3 weeks ago just now coming up with seedlings. Also there are beds out there that have taken off during this cool wet spell (love it).

Fanny the hen says hello from the farm!

But the warm season plants that have been producing the last few weeks are closing up shop and giving up. I totally understand. It truly is all about timing. We have our  Fall CSA shareholder’s picking up basket this Saturday and although we had a really good 1st pickup a couple of weeks ago this one…not so much. But again..its all in the timing and believe me as the weeks move on the fall truly kicks in so does the field..and you will have a great season.  Well..I know I haven’t been to active these past couple of weeks with the farm updates…I will get better. But it is planting season and Lucca out of school for the past few days..Mom time in the rain:) too much fun.

See ya Saturday Shareholders.

Seed Saving Workshops 10:30am   Saturday Sept 10th.  (free)

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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