Things are heating up around here:)


I knew it! I just knew we would dive head first into summer with little to no spring…Well I guess that goes along with the rest of this freaky early season. The farm over the past week as been on quite the growing spurt. When I left last week to go on a four day tour we were still pretty small in growth of the crops…I came how to a different farm. The rain and warm weather has more than just the bermuda grass growing. Our CSA shareholders and farm visitors heads up there are tons of our english roses blooming and waiting to go home with you…mind you they are thorny so you might want to bring gloves this Saturday.


   You will be amazed at how wonderful these roses smell. Truly one of my all-time favorite flowers. A couple of other crops are coming in and a couple going out this week. One of these crops that is ready to harvest is the broccoli   and yes it is super yummy. This is the first cut meaning we are taking the main head from the center..but the wonderful part about this crop is that the side shoots will keep producing for a couple more weeks or so. Another crop that is coming in right now is Kohlrabi. I am not sure if I will have enough yet to fill all the CSA shares but..don’t fret you all will get them in the weeks to come. They are delicious!

 YAY! The strawberries are beginning to ripen up and we just might some in time for the CSA and market this week…no big promise but I am sure keep my fingers crossed.

 We are going to open the farm market this Saturday 9am. to the public. Excited!

CSA Shareholders, you have your 2nd pickup this Saturday. Let get all this farming rockin’ .

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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