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IMG_1433Now that we are in the full swing of the summer month and the crops are coming and going out of the field it can be crazy busy around the farm. We are now clearing out the last of the early summer crops planting our fall crops and tending to the late summer crops still coming in. The deer and rabbits have found their way back to the farm and I have once again enlist Mark and Lucca’s help in trying to keep them off the tomatoes and beans…Now y’all are going to think I am crazy when I tell you how I do it…but it works..well for the most part.

Deer and rabbits are a problem for me every time this time of year. They come down into the field in the evening and around dawn in search of food….which they find in plenty out there. Both these animals don’t care for the company of humans especially the hunting kind…they can smell a man 300 yards away. Like most predators men and woman too…but I have found this trick works better with male…scent…they care a hormone that gives off a musky meat eater scent that these animal can pickup and know they very well could be on the menu so they tend to avoid the area they smell man…In the morning I have Lucca and Mark urinate on some old socks in a bucket….morning urine is the strongest so it works the best…I let it set all day then with think rubber glove mind you take those socks and stake them on sticks throughout the field. I repeat this every week to keep the scent fresh and strong. I have notice the deer are really working on my tomatoes eating the tops of the plants right off…that won’t do…so tomorrow there will be socks on sticks in that field…so don’t touch them….ha ha..


This morning we are in farm clean up mode. Taking out the old crops to replace new crops that are for the fall. Leaving crops that are spent in the field is an invitation to pest problems. Harlequin bugs and squash bugs being the main ones that concern me. Harlequin bugs love the kale, mustards and any plant in that family. The squash bugs are a real problem for they will destroy your old and new squash plants. Once they take hold it is almost impossible to rid you farm of them. It is all part of mid-summer growing though and you have to keep on top of these problems.

Beans and peppers are keeping us on our toes right now. Harvesting a couple times a week. This week we dug our crop of fresh potatoes for the CSA and Market. You really never had a potato that taste as good as the ones that are just harvested. Butter….they are like butter…wonderful. Now I won’t be here on the farm this weekend I am leaving it in Mark’s hand and Viki backing him up. We have sweet corn from our friends in Ky. farm and I know how exciting corn is to see in the market…Lucca and Mark already grab their ears before I even blinked…

We have put the tickets for our Dinner In The Flower Field on sale last week…You will love this event…think great dinner prepared by Chef Jack Williams…Local Wine tasting and live music all in the beauty of our fall flower field…You can get your ticket at the farm or email me and I will get back with you.



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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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