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It is true I like dirt…I like good living dirt, the kind that is teaming with worms, microbes and fungi. That is really what organic farming is all about good dirt. Mark is the compost master on this farm and believe compost may seem easy to make…but in truth it takes some work. We use a lot of compost in the field on the crops it’s the one thing we depend on to grow healthy living soil…yes we grow soil…well dirt. If you haven’t started your own compost pile, you should…it helps to greatly reduce land field waste as well as promote a wonderful source of your own rich humus living soil. A key to starting and keep a nice compost pile that won’t offend your neighbors is to get one of those small black composted. But the one you are looking for should have no bottom in it. It need to sit on the bare ground…this way you will attract the worms that will craw up into your compost and help you to break down all that kitchen waste. It it doesn’t sit on the ground it will take much long to compost and will not be as nutrient rich as the one that the worms can get into…they leave this wonder stuff called worm casting…soil_testing1

Over the course of a growing season…which we have 3 spring, summer and fall here on the farm each growing season can really reduce the rich soil we have built so we have to replace it and re work the planting beds. We have been doing just that over the past week or so. Our spring crops are now all done and we clear those that were left out re-work the beds and replant for late summer crops. We tend to plant a lot of flowers for the fall season with weddings on the farm and just plan pretty to look at and to cut for bouquets.  As the heat kicks up so does the bugs…so we have to be watchful as well. We have had a horrible battle with the flea beetles this year…and out eggplants have really taken a hit. We lost almost half of the them…nasty little bugs…But we will make do. This week we are harvesting snap beans, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and some peppers for the market and CSA. I know our shareholders will be excited to see some other color besides green in their baskets. We are still about 2 weeks away from having any tomatoes ready here on the farm. We have a friend that is a grower that built himself a cool greenhouse last fall and he has some early tomatoes he asked to bring to the market Saturday. Morgan is a wonderful grower and he has worked a bit with us out here on the farm so I am excited for him to get started farming on his own. So we will have a few of Morgan’s tomatoes…ours are all heirloom types and take a while longer to ripen..but so worth the wait.


This Saturday we are planning a BIG Market with all these early summer crops…and maybe even some blue berry pies. We have our new Farm Chick t-shirts at the market this weekend…and like every single thing we do here they are designed here….and hand silkscreened with all natural dyes right here on the farm. They are one of a kind…and super cute. We are selling them for $15.00- $18.00 for sport tees.

Farm Chick sport tee

Farm Chick sport tee

We have our 6th. CSA pickup this Saturday…remember your baskets please. Also we have about 8 slots for new fall shareholders the link is up to signup via the website. They will go fast so don’t wait. We allowed our spring and summer shareholders a couple of weeks to sign up for the fall…now those left over shares are first come first get…

Flowers are blooming, so bring some cutters or use ours…for your bouquets this weekend…Also Dill is the herb that is in need of a home…so Shareholder cut some…use it, dry it…

Also you all will have freeze shares this week of Kale easy to preserve for the winter…remember what I told you about taking advantage of these freezer shares…To Freeze : boiling water    wash, and remove large stems from kale, rough chop and toss in water for 2 minutes max…the kale will turn bright green…remover the kale and cool it off in a ice water bath…bowl of ice water…drain remove as much water as you can from the kale…portion into ziplock freezer bags.  I use frozen kale for soups and pasta in the winter…great to have some farm love in the middle of winter:) 

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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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