Great News! We are so excited..I have to tell you about it!

To say there is tons of excitement this winter around the farm is an understatement…It started a couple of days before Christmas when Mark received a phone call from one of his songwriting partners screaming something into the phone he couldn’t understand..which left him puzzled and a little freaked out. So he call her back and she told him a song they had written together 16 years ago was being sung by this guy on the voice named Craig Wayne Boyd and it was the most downloaded songs on iTunes with more than 100,000 downloads. The song “My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face” was pitched to Blake Shelton years ago and he loved the song but never recorded it. Blake who had be carrying this song around believing it was a hit gave the song to Craig to sing on the show for the finals and Craig won…the whole thing..singing the song. So that was incredible for Mark to say the least…he was on cloud nine…until Christmas Eve…then thing really got … in the spirit of the Holidays.craig-wayne-boyd-blake-shelton-billboard-650 We just spent Christmas Eve with my family in Hurricane Mills…cell service is a but iffy down in those part…like almost nonexistent…so we had no idea until we got home that evening that once again a freaked out phone message and several call me txts were a foot. When Mark returned the frantic call the look on his face was priceless…tears, joy and pure disbelief all rolled up into one…The song hit the Billboard charts at #1 only one other artist had ever done that and that was Garth Brooks…never a new artist…it was a historic event in the 60 years of music charts.

Mark just found out his song made entered the Billboard Charts at #1

Mark just found out his song made history…it entered the Billboard Charts at #1

This is Mark very first number 1 record…he has had cuts before and a hit song in the 80’s…plus album cuts here and there…but #1 is a whole different dream.

Mark, Craig and Steph at Craig's debut on the Opry last Saturday night.

Mark, Craig and Steph at Craig’s debut on the Opry last Saturday night.

So y’all keep an ear out for Craig’s song “My Baby’s Got a Smile On her face” it sounds great and Craig is a heck of a singer and entertainer. He had the whole Opry standing on their feet singing the song with him last Saturday night…it was so much fun to get to meet him and watch Mark and Steph’s face hearing their song like that.  Mark was doing an interview with the paper the other day about how incredible all this is…and during the holidays at that…Mark told him “I am blown away, feeling so blessed to have this happen, a dream come true” maybe I will make enough money this year to buy a decent lawnmower for the farm” that’s my guy…still thinking of the compost:)

Speaking of compost…We opened up our 2015 Spring & Summer for our returning CSA shareholder now through Feb1. for those that want to reserve your share this coming season…I don’t have to tell you we fill up fast…and this year is our 3 year rotation plan…that is flower heavy…which means lots…of flowers this year to cut.  You can sign up (only returning shareholder) by clicking the CSA link from the website or by clicking here


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