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What a turn around in the field with all this rain we have been having. The crops have rebounded and things are looking up as far as the season goes. I know many of our CSA shareholders have been praying for us and we thank you for keep the farm in your thoughts…it has been a wild spring. We also want to thank our shareholders for all these back-to-back pickups and crazy schedules. I do apologize…I wished I had more control but nobody messes with mother nature time table:)  I will tell you these spring crops are coming to an end soon and once we enter into the summer season your pickups will get on a bi-weekly schedule and remain there for the season. Just hang in there another week picking up…and then you will be taking a little farm break while the summer crops start to produce once you come back to the farm…the flowers should be starting to bloom and the whole place starts to look a blaze with color. Get those flower vase ready:)

On a positive note with these back-to-back pickups I have gotten a chance to spend some time with some of our new shareholders…which I love and that is truly the heart of what the CSA program is. It’s about the connection between the shareholders and the farm and farmer…no middle man, no retail or marketing…nothing fancy just good honest organic food and lots of love and care we send home in your baskets…in return you support this farm making all this grow..for that we consider y’all our farm family and local hero’s helping to secure green spaces and local food safety for everyone. Did you know by supporting local farms you keep 90% of your dollar in your local community…did you know..that by joining a CSA program or buying straight from the farm you are helping to protect the land from development and urban sprawl…Allow farmers to take care of the land creates such a better way of life for everyone the farm touches. Thank you…

Now, Let’s talk about this next pickup… We still have a couple shareholders that need to pickup their 3rd basket…but for the most part we are on to the 4th pickup. This will be the last week for the strawberries I am afraid as well as the head lettuce.. Here are some pickup dates we have available for y’all this week and next for your 4th pickup.

Saturday May 30th. starting 10:30am.-1pm.

Sunday May 31st.  1-4pm.

Thursday June 4th. 4-6pm.

Saturday June 6th. 10:30am-1pm

We will need to get all our Shareholders caught up on their baskets by next Saturday before we take a break for summer crops.  I know it’s a pain to have to comment on Facebook or email us to let up know which date you would like to pickup… The reason why I need to know how many shareholders are picking up which day is because we are harvesting for those baskets…once we cut the crop we can’t put it back into the field…it has to find a home…it is so sad to see a basket of beautiful produce you have worked so hard to grow..sit there and wit..because we have over harvested. So, I am asking for just a little more time and a little understanding of the process we have to take right now.  I will post these dates on our Facebook page starting with this Saturday. So as we don’t over load these pickup dates…I am looking for around 12 shareholders for each pickup date. I may have to asked one or two to pick another date if we do get over loaded…Weddings, and stormy weather this week and next…we need to pace the volume of harvesting and packing time.11261924_10152744783356384_1732792899776954230_n

For those of you that need to pay the remaining balance for your CSA share…I have set up a link for you to do that on line. Please make sure you do pay your remaining balance before June 8th.  I will be updating our shareholder list then for our summer program.    Spring and Summer share balance $140


Thanks, Peggy



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My name is Peggy Lynn Marchetti. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful, never boring children, and a farmer... that's right - a farmer... a female farmer to be exact. I live on a beautiful little third generation organic farm in middle Tennessee.

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