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News from the farm

Midsummer here on the farm and the honey bees are having a field day with all the squash blossoms and sunflowers.   Their endeavors make for some sweet honey but they can also make for some careful cutting and weeding amongst […more…]

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980 miles back to the farm…

I was sitting in the dressing room before my show last night 980 miles away from my farm and feeling every square mile of it. My sister and I were as normal digging through one an-others make up bags and […more…]

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Getting away

Once in a great while you have to get away from the farm for a day or two…but with that comes all the organizing and delegating responsibility of caring for the animals and crops. With so many different feeds and […more…]

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Irish ancestors & Potatoes

My Irish ancestors that came to this country in escape of the great potato famine would undoubtedly raise their brow at the fact potatoes are one of my favorite crops to grow here on the farm. I was talking with […more…]

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Poke weed, Pig weed & rain dancing

So, today I am doing my Indian rain dance…We need to have a good inch dropped here on the farm to recover from a couple of weeks without rain. The heat being what it is has sucked the soil dry […more…]

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Vanity & Venting

I got this phone call the other day from our local PBS station show producer for the  “Volunteer Gardener” wanting to come out to the farm next week and film a couple of segments for their show here on the […more…]

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The heat is on

I was working out in the field early yesterday morning weeding and planting when I noticed I was beginning to feel the heat start to affect me. It was around 9am but out temps were already hitting close to 100. […more…]

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Signs of things to come…or to bloom

Every year there is a sure sign of summer for me here on the farm and this towering sunflower is it.  She is my calendar, my signal that from here on out things are going to get pretty warm around […more…]

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The Proverbial green thumb

Forget about the per-verbal green thumb…there isn’t one…or not one that I’ve seen anyway

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