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One foot on the farm…one foot on the stage

There are times when life (A) my life as a farmer and my life (B) my life as a singer/songwriter tend to clash. This is a busy time for my life (B) touring and performing. Juggling these two radically different […more…]

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If it aint broke..don't fix it!

Pickle recall…I am asking for those of you last weekend that purchased dill pickles or the dilly beans from the farm market to bring them back for an exchange. There is nothing harmful with them and I repeat…nothing is wrong […more…]

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Hello Farm…it's been a while

Mark and I both made an early start this morning here on the farm. With so many days..weeks with the temperature being so hot this morning felt like a spring morning. We did get a bunch of rain last night […more…]

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Havesting Farm Fresh Okra

[youtube][/youtube] As these dog days of late summer seem to have us here in middle Tennessee in a tight grip of triple digit temperatures a few plants besides the grass and weeds here on the farm are lovin’ it! Okra […more…]

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Working out…the farmer's way

Our friend and photographer extraordinaire Alan Messer loves to come out to the farm and take photos …he also loves the heirloom tomatoes we grow here (Mark always saves Alan a sack full almost every weekend)on the farm. Last weekend […more…]

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Splitting Hairs over Splitting Tomatoes

It is official that this farming season will go down in my record book as the hardest one yet. A decade of farming this land under my belt and each comes with its own bag of tricks mind you. But […more…]

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Updates and News right in your email box!

Be sure an click the email tab to receive an email notice whenever we post news & updates about the farm here. Its an easy way to keep up with what’s fresh and what’s happening around the farm.

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Love in the barnyard

My husband spends his mornings, every morning feeding and caring for the animals here on the farm. When the donkeys and goats see him they begin to call to him. When he approaches the fence they all gather around excited […more…]

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News from the farm

Midsummer here on the farm and the honey bees are having a field day with all the squash blossoms and sunflowers.   Their endeavors make for some sweet honey but they can also make for some careful cutting and weeding amongst […more…]

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