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Vanity & Venting

I got this phone call the other day from our local PBS station show producer for the  “Volunteer Gardener” wanting to come out to the farm next week and film a couple of segments for their show here on the […more…]

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The heat is on

I was working out in the field early yesterday morning weeding and planting when I noticed I was beginning to feel the heat start to affect me. It was around 9am but out temps were already hitting close to 100. […more…]

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Signs of things to come…or to bloom

Every year there is a sure sign of summer for me here on the farm and this towering sunflower is it.  She is my calendar, my signal that from here on out things are going to get pretty warm around […more…]

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The Proverbial green thumb

Forget about the per-verbal green thumb…there isn’t one…or not one that I’ve seen anyway

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Dancing with Jasy

My daughter  Jasy came to visit us this week from South Carolina. It is the first time I have got to wrap my arms around that child in 7 months. I miss her and that pretty face.  I feel like […more…]

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Farm Newsletter

Holy Cow! May is almost over….I can’t believe it. The older I get the faster time fly’s. The farm has pretty much been a soggy place to be the last few weeks. The field has yet to dry out enough […more…]

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Where are my eggs? That is the burning question I have addressed to my flock of laying hens for the past week. Every morning I go to the new chicken coop and every morning I leave with 2 maybe 4 […more…]

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News from the farm

This is the view that welcomes me into the farm’s field every morning during this time of year. Lushly,  fragrant breath-taking heirloom roses. Oh yes…this is the good life! Mark and I along with the farm crew has spent the […more…]

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After The Flood

CSA Shareholders Before I continue with the farm’s newsletter I want to update our CSA Shareholders on your pickup and what to do next.  We are heading into the weekend in a couple of days with a forecast of nice […more…]

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Ponchos & Paddle Boat

We have just dried out enough to get back into the field after last weekends major storms leaving the farm under a good 6in” of water. And now once again it looks like we will get another batch of nasty […more…]

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