Fall CSA

This is a wonderful program and one of my favorite times of the year for the CSA. Your baskets contain most of the late summer crops like our heirloom tomatoes and peppers found in our summer CSA share, but as the cooler weather starts moving in, the greens start coming in again. This is also a great value for your food dollars with a little preserving via freezing some of your spinach, kale and long keeping items like sweet potatoes and winter squash. Your fall CSA can last you through many of the winter weeks ahead!

Summary and Benefits

  • Runs late August through October.*
  • Includes freezer share.
  • Pickups every other Saturday.**
  • First pickup and CSA Gathering in August.
  • 10% discount at the farm market.
  • Harvest fresh flowers and herbs throughout the season even during non-pickup weekends.
  • 2 free flower bouquet cards to give to their friends.
  • Pick from the market tables on trial crops or crops that aren’t coming in enough to fill the entire CSA program.
  • Free workshops, recipes and discount at farm events such as The Fall Festival.

*When the fall season ends depends on the weather and could end as late as mid November.

**We may request a more frequent pickup when a hard frost is coming as we’ll need to get those tender crops harvested and sent home before the weather turns.

Basket Content

Here is an example of what you may find in your basket.

Okra • eggplant • yard-long beans • acorn squash
Butternut squash • turnip greens • collard greens
Onions • last season peppers • late season tomatoes
Pumpkins • apples • baby red kale, etc.

Fall CSA
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