Picking Up Your Share

The Where

The CSA pickups take place at the market pavilion where the on-farm market is held. Please see our Location page for directions. We are an on-farm only CSA, which means we don’t facilitate any other drop-off locations or deliveries.

The When

You can pickup your share basket anytime between 9am – 2pm on Saturdays when the farm is open. We encourage our shareholder to try and pickup their shares in the morning while the crops are still nice and cool. You baby lettuces will be much happier and won’t be a bag of a wilted mess before you get them home to be washed and stored away.

If you can’t pickup your basket, just send us an email to let us know, and we can arrange another time or day for you to get your basket. Please don’t call as we are out in the field or at the market and away from the phone.

After 2pm, Madison Creek Farms donates all remaining fresh produced unsold at the market or not retrieved by our shareholders to the Sumner Country Food Bank for distribution.

The How

Once you arrive at the farm, you will need to sign in on the CSA shareholder’s pickup list for your basket. Please remember to return your baskets at each pickup.

Once you are signed in, we will either finish packing your baskets or start packing your share basket. This is the time to grab those flower cutters and start cutting yourself a beautiful bouquet and some fresh herbs to add to your basket. Flowers and herbs are a part of your CSA share, but it is up to you to harvest them.


If you forget to pick up a time or two, we won’t beat you with a yard-long bean… we will just remind you.

Saturday mornings are very busy at the farm’s market pavilion, but it is a great time to get first dibs on items that fly off the farm like our free range organic farm eggs and our famous Farm House Kitchen fresh baked pies and breads. Be prepared to hang around a few minutes as we work as fast as we can to get everybody taken care of. Just keep thinking…. CSAs are about Slow Food… not Fast Food.

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