A share is a 1/2 bushel farmer basket. This is a great family share. We asked that folks don’t try and split a share unless you are splitting pickup weeks. Although the shares are large the program is designed around one family unit and it gets complicated when you try and divide a container of fresh strawberries or flower bouquet and heads of Blaze red butter lettuces. Folks tend to not want to give up those things…and I can’t say I blame them… someone is left not feeling the love when it comes to trying to split the contents of a CSA basket.

Each season is $280 per shareholder + $20 basket fee for new shareholders or for returning shareholder who need new baskets for the season. The Spring & Summer season runs a full 8 weeks typically. This is a bi-weekly pickup schedule starting in April and ending late July/early August.

Option 1
Pay online the full $280 (if you are a new shareholder you will pay your basket fee $20.00 during your first pickup)

Option 2
Pay $150 now and $150 during your first pickup. Please email us for a partial payment invoice.

Note: If you are a renewing shareholder, You have 1st. rights for all shares in the CSA. All un-claimed shares will be given 1st come first bases.

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