Why should I become a
shareholder in your CSA?


We are experienced farmers. That is important when it comes to the responsibility of providing the necessary skill sets needed to facilitate a good solid CSA program. You wouldn’t invest in a restaurant knowing the owner has never even worked as a dishwasher. Same goes for the farmer you are trusting to grow your food. I urge new would-be farmers that come to our farm to learn about organic agriculture, Grow First, Grow Well, and if you are thinking of a CSA program or selling at a farmers market, then begin by enlisting your family and friends into your program and set up a small produce stand in your front yard. Do this for two full seasons, then if you still think you want to branch out, you have both the experience and skill sets to do so well.

On-Farm Only Pickup CSA

We are an on-farm only pickup CSA, which means we are not packing up our freshly harvested produce and taking it off the farm to sit in a parking lot for the allotted time given to shareholders to retrieve their baskets. Our shareholders come to the farm where they can see their food growing in the field. They can allow their kids to run and play while connecting with the farmer, the farm and the other shareholders. It is about community in a CSA program and that includes building one right here on the farm.

Much More Than a Basket

What’s in your basket isn’t all that is included in your CSA share. Our CSA differs from most others because we allow our shareholders to harvest fresh flower bouquets and snip fresh herbs right from the field. All of which are part of your share in our CSA – these aren’t extra add-ons that you can buy. They come with every share, every pickup.

Our Freezer Share

This is another difference our CSA program offers that others might not. This is an extra amount of fresh produce we have in abundance that needs to be harvested. We announce to our shareholders if they would like to harvest an extra bag or two of whatever crop it may be – say kale or green beans. We encourage them to take advantaged of it. Not only does this make their CSA even more bountiful and a great value for the money, it connects them even more to the farm.


Because we are an on-farm CSA, we can offer a little more flexibility to our shareholders. We understand about summer vacations and unexpected delays during the season. You don’t have to miss a pickup. All we ask is that you let us know in advance and we will either hold your share back for a late pickup or reschedule your pickup for another day.

Fun and Interesting

Heck yes, being a shareholder in our farm is fun and interesting. Coming to a beautiful farm and hanging out with friends over some gorgeous flowers and delicious food. Who wouldn’t think that was fun? The interesting part is that you are learning about eating the way nature intended for our bodies to eat. You will become more aware of the weather, the climate and the seasonal flow of what is growing and being harvested. You may have a garden of your own and joining the CSA helps you to have good supply of fresh produce in addition to what you have growing in your own garden. Wonderful! You will learn some tricks to good land-stewardship and organic farming methods for your own garden. You will get so much more out of joining the CSA than you would just shopping at the super market. Far and away more out of plugging into the farm than being removed from your food, from your farmer and from your health. Oh, and yes… We do like to have a good time down on the farm.




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