2013 Spring & Summer CSA

 It is that time of year again when we open our spring & summer CSA for our shareholders to sign up. We are working hard to get our new website up and I will be so excited to see it […more…]

Working that learning curve…on design

Okay, it is clear for those of you that have visited the farm’s blog before that I am playing around with the design. I have always designed our farm’s website and my friend Anna designed the blog for me. Last […more…]

CSA Pickup this Saturday…9 days to Fall Fest!

Why is it when you get older time just flies by? I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to drive…to drink…to move from my parents home…now in a blink of an eye it seem a whole year as past. […more…]

Fall CSA pickup Saturday/Farm Market open.

Feeling a bit like fall is in the air…and we are loving it! This is our Fall CSA pickup this Saturday and I am excited about getting to harvest some of my favorite vegetables ..Yard long beans, baby turnip greens […more…]

Fall CSA Shareholders…early pickup..if you want it:)

Now that we have the wedding behind us here on the farm we can get back to well…farming:) It was a beautiful event the farm crew worked hard trying to make it special for the bride & groom. The weather […more…]

Sending out last call on our Fall CSA that were MIA this last Saturday.

Good morning to you, Just a quick note for some of our fall shareholders that missed their first pickup. If you would like to pickup your missed share this Saturday (the farm is closed this weekend) we will offer a […more…]

FALL CSA Gathering Saturday!

Welcome Fall Shareholders! We here at the farm are excited to have all of you be a part of our fall CSA season. We will be kicking off the season this Saturday August 18th. at 10:30 am. with our gathering […more…]

Setting the season Straight

Here we are at the end of July heading into August after a long excessively hot couple of months. I am not going to say this has been a wonderful summer season and I do count my blessing for we […more…]

CSA pickup Saturday

Just a quick reminder for our shareholders…you have a pickup in the morning…fresh corn in the baskets this week! Please bring your baskets for those that have them and if you can’t make the pickup please send me an email…phones […more…]

Farming and Family..Ole farmer Mark

I was thinking the other day…I am truly a lucky woman. Sure the farm is wonderful, the singing is great, being a mom to my two beautiful babies and my fabulous step daughter. But it is my husband that keeps […more…]

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