Shareholders The Farm is Calling:)

We need our shareholders back on the farm this weekend or early next week…and just to entice you…I thought a visual might do the trick..Broccoli is ready to harvest and it is lovely! Need another visual? Okay…how about Strawberries?   […more…]

We're all here cause we aint all there!

It is about time we get back into hosting some workshops around this farm. Everyone has been asking when the farm will open to the public? We are just waiting on some business issue to really open up…but that is […more…]

CSA Pickup Saturday May 5th

Spring and Summer Pickup Saturday 9-2pm

Kicking Into The Spring CSA Season

I know you all have heard me say this before…but I can’t help myself…Spring is my favorite time of year! There is so much bounty out there in that field right now I just want to roll in:) The colors […more…]

CSA Gathering & Pickup Sunday April 22nd.

It’s that time of the season when we are ready to welcome our shareholder to the farm for an afternoon of food, fun and well…more food. This is your first pickup this spring and although we have gotten off to […more…]

Getting Ready To C.S.A!

Welcome Shareholder’s to the Farm! Introduction:  To begin with Mark and I (Peggy) would like to say thank you for sharing this season with us here on the farm. This is a very special place as you soon will find […more…]

Adventures in Farming…post global warming

  Should I or shouldn’t I?..this is the question or the temptation I have been struggling with the last few days. Should I go a head and take a gamble to plant some of my warm season crops like tomatoes […more…]

Global Warming…Heck Yea!

So here we are barely mid-march and it is 80 degrees outside…not that unusual to have a day or two in early spring that is warm, kicking that spring fever in for most of us..but days on end of 20 […more…]

Spring time is planting time!

  Welcome to our 2012 CSA shareholders. Mark and I would just like to say how grateful we are have you all be a part of the farm this season. I hope you are as excited as we are about […more…]

The winter weather sets bone deep

True, winter time is the time of year I tend to hibernate…well early winter that is for in the next few weeks I will be up to my neck in seedlings all waiting for the weather to break and find […more…]

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