Summer CSA Shareholder Update

Heat wave weather advisery & drought advisory is now in affect for Sumner Co. and much of middle Tennessee. Forecast temperatures 104 on Saturday for Nashville. The farm field could reach 120 by noon. The reason is the greenhouse effect. […more…]

Digging up a bunch of big ole farm love!

I am a decent of irish immigrants that came to this country during the great potato famine. My father’s grandparents brought their son my grandfather here when he was 8 years old to keep their family from staving to death […more…]

CSA pickup schedule & Farm market dates

Here we are in June… The warmer weather is kicking up the flowers on the farm and some are blooming and ready for cutting this weekend, which is great because our CSA shareholders are back on the farm for a […more…]

Farm Market…and all that good stuff

  It has taken a while to work out some of the (business) stuff that I so dislike when it come to the farm. It is so hard for me to think of the farm in a business sense. Somehow […more…]

Making way for the summer season!

Yep…I can see changes taking place in the farm’s field. Plants are so in tune with seasons and nature they will react far sooner then we humans do when it comes to the changing seasons. The weather has been wonderful […more…]

Shareholders The Farm is Calling:)

We need our shareholders back on the farm this weekend or early next week…and just to entice you…I thought a visual might do the trick..Broccoli is ready to harvest and it is lovely! Need another visual? Okay…how about Strawberries?   […more…]

We're all here cause we aint all there!

It is about time we get back into hosting some workshops around this farm. Everyone has been asking when the farm will open to the public? We are just waiting on some business issue to really open up…but that is […more…]

CSA Pickup Saturday May 5th

Spring and Summer Pickup Saturday 9-2pm

Kicking Into The Spring CSA Season

I know you all have heard me say this before…but I can’t help myself…Spring is my favorite time of year! There is so much bounty out there in that field right now I just want to roll in:) The colors […more…]

CSA Gathering & Pickup Sunday April 22nd.

It’s that time of the season when we are ready to welcome our shareholder to the farm for an afternoon of food, fun and well…more food. This is your first pickup this spring and although we have gotten off to […more…]

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