CSA Update & Market News

I am asking for our shareholders whom can pickup their shares during the week next week to do so. Monday 9am-12pm Tuesday 9-12pm Please email me to let me know which day you can come and we will have your […more…]

High Heels & Chicken Poop

Most of you that know me or have read this blog…or have at least visited the farm know I have two very different lives that I lead. One I refer to as Life A…this is my life as a female […more…]

Everythings Coming Up Carrots!

I love freshly pulled from the soil carrots…dripping sweet, full a vitamins organically grown carrots! There really is no comparison to the ones in the super markets. Kinda like strawberries in away…there are just hands down better. One might think […more…]

What its like to be apart of the farm's CSA Program?

    A shareholder in the farm’s CSA program wrote a article about her personal experience in the CSA program.  For those of you that are thinking about join a farm’s CSA either here at Madison Creek Farms or a […more…]

On the road again

Back to life B for me this weekend touring in East Tennessee. Not that far from home on this little weekend line up of shows but never the less it gets me off the farm..out of my muck boots and […more…]

It's all in the little things

With spring bidding us a sweet farewell and summer closing in our crops begin to change.  It is always a sad thing for me to have to say goodbye to my spring crops…I don’t know why they are the only […more…]

Market, CSA and Everything in between

Farm Open Saturday 9-2pm Last Saturday was the opening day for our on-farm market. How much fun it was to see all those familiar faces we haven’t seen all winter plus we got to meet so many new people that […more…]

Give me a minute

Believe me when I tell you…this is why I have blog:) to talk to myself of course!  What are your goals this year with the farm I say to myself? Like most farmers the answer is always to have a […more…]

Let the season begin..Saturday 9-2pm. Farm Open!

Here we go…this Saturday we are opening the farm up to the public. This will be our 5th. season with the farm market pavilion being built and our farm hosting these little Saturday markets. Before we built the pavilion we […more…]

Red Mustards…new to the market

There are a few field trials going on this year here at the farm for a few new varieties in vegetables and flowers. One of these new vegetable trials we are growing is Garnet Red Mustard Greens from Johnny Seeds […more…]