A Blackberry Winter

Here we are in May and what’s that I hear…my weather bug on my computer warning me of a frost tonight! And if there is to be frost I am sure as peaches we here in this valley in Sumner […more…]

Balance and forward motion

It is not an easy task running this farm, farming this farm and then there is marketing this farm…oh lets not forget baking, making and decorating this farm. I am just tired typing all that…There are so many hats to […more…]

Fast Food to Slow Food

We are swinging into our spring season here on the farm and the crops are coming in. We held our Spring CSA gathering for our shareholders here on the farm this last weekend and their first pickup of the season […more…]

Shareholders Gathering this Saturday!

After a rained out weekend last week we had to move our CSA gathering to this Saturday. Mark and I are excited to kick off our 2011 CSA season here on the farm.  I want to thank our shareholders for […more…]

Ready To CSA

This week we are kicking off our Community Supported Agriculture season or CSA for short. This is a program where shareholders sign up early in the year for a share of the farm’s produce. Our CSA is the backbone of […more…]

All things Considered..and those that were not.

Scheduling anything with a specific dates around when crops are expected to be ready is tricky to say the least. Weather being the leading component that can throw you a week or a few days off of when you think […more…]

CSA News & Farm Update

  Spring has arrived here at Madison Creek Farms…Our May tulips are all blooming early but they light up the farm with colors only Mother Nature can create. We have been busy planting up a great spring and early summer […more…]

Big City Barnyards

If you live on less than 1 acre Big-City Barnyards should not be allowed

Compost is king!

Mark Marchetti aka…the manure connoisseur…is all about the composting here on the farm. This week that man was knee deep in his chosen element…the barn yard. It’s clean up time and after a fall and winter of allowing the animals […more…]

Sowing up a spring season!

March madness…that is what it feels like during this month. As a farmer or gardener we all know that spring time planting is one of the busiest times of our entire season. The window of opportunity when planting out cool […more…]

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