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A suburban farmstead that is rich in history with an abundance of beautifully grown organic vegetables, herbs & flowers.

Madison Creek Farms, with its rustic charm and natural beauty, may be reminiscent of a bygone era in rural Americana. Beneath this suburban farmstead’s outward appearance lies a shinning example of a modern small family farm that is clearing operating with the future in mind.

Situated on 38-acres and located just a few miles north of Nashville, Tennessee, lies Madison Creek Farms. A third generation family farm that has been in the Lynn family for almost 50 years. Mark and Peggy Lynn Marchetti, along with the couple’s young son Lucca, have carved out a local treasure that provides an array of fresh, locally grown organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and an assortment of specialty products produced and grown there on the farm. The Flower Field honey is harvested from the farm’s own apiaries where the honey bees fest on the stunning beds of colorful sweet smelling flowers. Rows and rows of these breath-taking flowers have been the calling card for Madison Creek Farms for more then a dozen years.

At the core of what makes Madison Creek Farms so wonderfully unique rests in the diversity of what the farm is capable in producing using only natural organic farming methods with very little in the way of machinery. A bountiful array of heirloom vegetables, raw honey and shiitake mushrooms harvested fresh from their mushroom logs. Fruits such as blackberries, strawberries and many heirloom and unusual fruit varieties not available in most markets which Peggy turns into her artisan jams and preserves that are stocked exclusively at the farm’s on-farm market.

The heart of the farm lies in the 6-acre production field where you will find rows of raised beds planted by hand and filled with gorgeous cutting flowers, and culinary and aromatic herbs growing symbiotically along with an impressive list of heirloom vegetable varieties.



Madison Creek Farms is open to the public Saturdays 9-2pm May-Oct

The Farm itself is composed of natural woodlands and a year-round spring fed creek.

The cedar and stone farmhouse circa 1901 was used as sharecropper housing when the farm was part of a larger tract of farmland.

A rustic open-aired market pavilion is built from salvaged barn lumber from the original barn which an F3 tornado destroyed when it roared through the farm. Natural cedar arbors and fences add to the farm’s beauty as well as the large patio and deck that welcome visitors to sit awhile and enjoy the view.

Along with the farm’s pavilion market that is open to the public for visitors to shop, Madison Creek Farms operates one of the longest-running and most successful CSA programs in the area. The farm’s CSA shareholder spots are limited and in high demand and most years with a waiting list to join. “We are proud of our program,” states Mark Marchetti. “We have a special pickup time only to CSA members so our shareholders can spend time here on the farm. They cut flowers and herbs, and their kids play with the chickens and farm animals. I think what makes our CSA so successful is that we try to instill into our shareholders to think of the farm as their farm. They see us plant, weed and harvest their food. They trust us and it means the world to Peggy and I.”

There is something for just about everyone including the kids at Madison Creek Farms. The tree fort play area for the little ones is a natural wonderland for them to experience simple farm fun.

Each season, Madison Creek Farms plays hosts to some fabulous farm events like Banjos, Butterflies and Blueberry Pies, Dinner in the Flowers Field and The Fall Festival drawing hundreds of folks from all over to the farm for a day of wholesome family fun that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful seasons and its farm bounty.

Third Generation Organic Family Farm
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